female gesture sketches mischief

Some gestures¬†from last night, made with Mischief, the best sketching app in the world. I’ve come quite a long way in the last few years with my drawing ability. All it took was a bit of patience to learn a little theory. Art is a bit like voodoo, but then again, so are most things, I believe. You keep practicing and get nowhere, you keep reading up on what you need to know, but that gets you no where either. Then you think about it, and you do it, and you read a little more and practice a little more, and then it all comes together. You climb the scaffold, it’s really hard an you can’t see anything beyond the little steps you’re taking, then you look around you, and you are there, on that platform you wanted to get to. And you look up some more, and there’s more to climb. That’s how it is.