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Kushiel Fan Art – On Mierette no Orchis’s Birthday

Argh! As I was getting down to do an environment, I gave in to procrastinating and ended up drawing some figures instead. They turned out pretty good, and before I knew it, the evening was gone… but at least I got this:

alcuin no delaunay mierette no orchis kushiel concept art
 On the Birthday of Mierette no Orchis

This is one of the most memorable scenes in Kushiel’s Dart. But KD has a hell of a lot of memorable scenes, so I guess it’s not saying much. I really should have given it an environment and everything, but as always I didn’t plan ahead. I definitely prefer drawing nude figures to all other else (clothed figures, environments…vehicles…).

I had a bit of fun with the line-weight principal. After getting your perspective and anatomy right, it is THE one thing that will make your line drawings go from good to professional. It’s so simple, yet so effective.

I definitely have to say my visual story-telling ability has improved greatly. Like these characters are portraying the emotion exactly as I want them to.

Perspective Exercise – Victorian House

I’d say I have a good, general intuitive grasp of perspective from having done a lot of life and urban sketching. But honestly when I started this exercise… man, it’s not easy. Painting is a lot easier, and much less tedious. But I learned a lot. 

One thing I learned, which is so very important, is to draw through the form. If you didn’t, you would get into a lot of trouble later. 

The Enchanted Underground

So I had this dream where a really nice boy saved the Matchstick girl from that awful cold by taking her to his enchanted forest that lives side by side with the Paris metro…

Scene from Kushiel’s Dart

I really struggled with this piece for a long time and eventually gave up on it, only to pick it up again today. I’ve now gotten it to a place with which I am satisfied. It depicts Phedre at attendance during the Midwinter Masque in Cereus House, serving joie to a drunk prince Baudoin, and his friends. Her soon to be sponsor and mentor, Anafiel Delaunay is also present.

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