Near the woods on the dunes, beside where I live, there is a Serviceberry tree growing under some pines. I often go for walks in the area with a friend, who has a strong affinity for nature and poetry. Walking with him always brings strange new ideas as he weaves Celtic mythology with science fiction and dream philosophy.

serviceberry tree flowering in winter

Serviceberry tree flowering at the end of winter.

On the path down from one of the larger dunes in a Serviceberry tree that flowers ahead of all the other plants. It is absolutely magical, this tree with its crown of flowers, flourishing in the winter landscape. As we walked past it, I commented on how odd it was, that it should come blossom so far ahead of all the other plants. He told me that it was because the tree was really from another place, another planet, on its own orbit, around its own sun. And that tree still followed the seasons of that other place, which is seeping into our world.